The Art Of The Perfect Selfie (5 Easy Tips)

#1 - Lighting is Key

When taking a selfie, make sure to take note of the lighting around you. Natural lighting is always best so get outside if you can, but make sure there aren’t shadows on your face! 

Pro Tip: hold a piece of white paper underneath your face to bounce light up towards you

#2 - Smile Naturally

Try not to force a smile! If you need help gearing up a true smile - think about something funny and genuinely laugh. When you force a smile you risk creating wrinkles and closing your eyes slightly.

#3 - Keep an Eye on the Background

The right background of your selfie can help bring it to the next level. Anything from a plain white background to just the right position in front of a craft store flower display works. The bottom line is make sure you’re aware of what is in the background!

#4 - Know Your Angles 

Try tilting your head or your phone to create a little drama in your photo. Keep playing around with the tilt angles until you find the perfect shot. A word from the wise- a straight on selfie is probably not going to give you the result you are looking for!

#5 - Accentuate Your Lips

Dark lips will draw attention to your face which is the most important part of the selfie of course! If you like the idea of dark lips we highly suggest our ‘Bad Kitty’ Matte Lipstick

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Hope this list helps! Cheers to the perfect Selfie!!