Spring Confidence Boosters

With the warm weather approaching, it’s time for us to resurface from our winter slumber and reenter the world in full bloom. While we can finally ditch the sweats (here’s hoping at least one pair of regular pants fit), it’s time to reintroduce some much-needed accessories to our forgotten routines. 


When you think about making a statement, what comes to mind? We’re thinking of a black purse, plain heels, and signature sunglasses. What all of these have in common is that they all dress your body. How about something that you use on your body?


Here’s a hint. It’s something that probably hasn’t been seen outside your house in the last year. That’s right! We’re talking about your lips. 


Did you know that the “lipstick effect” is a known psychological phenomenon in which make-up can give you a confidence boost by making you feel more physically attractive? Lipstick not only increases your self-esteem but your personality and attitude as well. 


Whether you’re going back into society with a mask on or you’re following the CDC’s recent guidelines that “fully vaccinated Americans can gather indoors without masks,” it sounds like our lives might gain a little bit of normalcy in the upcoming months. 


Boost your confidence with a lovely shade of our Kitten Beauty plant-based, 100% vegan and cruelty-free, soft and creamy, pigment-rich lipsticks. These ultra-matte finishes give you the confidence boost you’re looking for, whether it’s underneath your mask or not.

Try RSVP, our bold red, full-coverage, matte lipstick that’ll help you party like a VIP, Run Wild, our burnt sienna, full-coverage, matte lipstick that’ll make you run wild and be free, and Princess Syndrome, our medium dusty mauve, full-coverage matte lipstick that’ll give you a serious case of princess syndrome.